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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Solvents and sustainability

Our mission: not to waste a single drop

At RESOLVE, we act out of conviction

Sustainable climate action and environmental protection are at the very core of REMONDIS’ DNA. And, being a green chemicals company, we feel a particularly strong sense of responsibility. Conserving natural resources, cutting carbon emissions and creating high quality products from waste are not things that we simply do ‘by the by’. It is our mission to ensure that the material loops are well and truly closed without a single drop going to waste.

We cover all areas of this particular supply chain and can find bespoke solutions with and for our customers that include all aspects of sustainability. We work with a clear conscience as we know that our products and our services are good for everyone: for people, for businesses and for the environment.

The RESOLVE Sustainability Certificate

Here at RESOLVE, we wish to make it easy for you to be even more sustainable. Which is why we not only make sure that your solvents are fully recycled but also provide you with the RESOLVE Sustainability Certificate, which documents – in black and white – the positive impact our recycling process has on your climate footprint. To be able to do this, RESOLVE collaborates with an independent institute that has validated the high quality of our certification process.

The Sustainability Certificate takes all the services that RESOLVE performs on your behalf into account – from collection through to recycling. We calculate to what extent our recycling of your solvents cuts energy consumption and reduces carbon emissions and issue you with a corresponding ‘CO2 voucher’. There’s no greenwashing at our company but genuine transparency regarding your carbon footprint. To make this service possible, RESOLVE developed its own calculation model together with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. This model is, therefore, based on scientific facts and oriented towards the life cycle assessment, DIN EN ISO 14040//14044.

Commission us to recycle your solvents and improve your climate footprint at the same time. The member of staff responsible for your business will be happy to put together an offer that meets your precise needs. Further information is available in our Sustainability Certificate flyer in our download section or, of course, you can contact one of our experts to find out more.

We take a holistic view of sustainability at RESOLVE. If the focus of your recycling activities is not on solvents but on other materials, then – being a REMONDIS Group company – we can offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from the REMONDIS Sustainability Certificate.

Our Sustainability Certificate was developed in collaboration with the independent Fraunhofer Institute and is based on the life cycle assessment as per DIN EN ISO 14040 / 14044. A sample PDF Sustainability Certificate

We close loops all day long. For our planet.

Chemistry and sustainability aren’t compatible? We’re more than happy to show you that the opposite is true. Know-how is the most important thing when it comes to dealing with waste solvents. These solvents pose a huge risk to the environment if they are handled incorrectly. By recovering and recycling raw materials for reuse, RESOLVE reduces the amount of solvent material that has to be sent for thermal treatment or final disposal.

Thanks to our work, we grow the recyclability of materials and return them to market in order to reduce the amount of virgin raw materials being mined. It is more important than ever to handle them responsibly and return them to economic cycles again and again to drastically reduce emissions. Instead of removing solvents from the market, damaging the environment by disposing of them and further growing demand for more virgin raw materials, the goal must be to recover and recycle solvents for reuse.

Sustainability is our core business

Taking on responsibility for both people and the environment is at the very core of Staufen-Chemie’s company philosophy. By working the way we do, we not only take on environmental responsibility but economic and social responsibility as well. Right from the start, we have operated in line with the principles of the circular economy and are constantly looking into ways to recover more raw materials for reuse as well as to use existing resources more efficiently and more sparingly. Our KBS metal recycling scheme is just one example of this. In keeping with the motto, “Use rather than consume products”, we looked for a solution that enabled us to recover the metal packaging used to supply our products so that it can be recycled for reuse – preferably multiple times. Thanks to their properties, steel and aluminium are both particularly suitable for recycling many times over. The properties of both materials remain the same no matter how often they are recycled. Which means that today’s food cans can be turned into tomorrow’s car bodywork and then, years later, into a ship’s propeller. Recycling one tonne of metal packaging not only saves more than two tonnes of virgin raw materials but also reduces energy consumption by up to 95% – helping to considerably cut carbon emissions.

Displaying the relevant KBS sticker, our metal tins and containers (30, 60 and 200 litres) can be  handed in to a selection of dedicated collection points as part of the KBS metal recycling scheme so that they can be sent on for recycling. A list of the KBS collection points can be found here.

Green? Deal! We’re showing the way

The EU officially announced its Green Deal in January 2020. Its goal is for the European continent to be completely climate-neutral by 2050. The circular economy – and so our work as well – will be playing an important role here. The recycling industry and our team at RESOLVE are spearheading

Safety is our no. 1 priority

Harmful substances must always be handled in a safe and careful manner – and this is particularly true when it comes to solvents. REMONDIS has its own laboratory that is able to analyse different types of waste in great detail. Over the last few years, we have invested in state-of-the-art plant technology to meet the most stringent safety standards. Inflammable, potentially toxic and environmentally hazardous substances that cannot be recycled for reuse are sent for thermal treatment in an environmentally compatible way and in line with the highest safety requirements.

Recycling means conserving raw materials

Industrial nations like Germany have very few raw materials of their own? Wrong! We mine raw materials in Germany every single day by operating our recycling facilities. We process recyclable materials according to type to produce recycled raw materials – and, by doing so, close material life cycles. Every substance that has made its way from nature into a product can be turned into a recycled raw material. And the same is true for solvents. Making the most of our know-how and technology, we help ensure our customers have secure supplies of the raw materials they need.

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