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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Solvent recycling

What we can’t recycle, we recycle anyway

We make the very most of solvents.

Here at RESOLVE, we specialise in recycling and processing solvents. We recycle used solvents so that they can be reused and then return them to our customers as high quality products.

By returning solvents to market for reuse, we are making a major contribution towards reducing the purchase and use of virgin solvents. This is key as natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. There will simply not be enough virgin raw materials to cover future demand. What’s more, companies are facing ever stricter environmental requirements. Focus is moving towards recovering and recycling raw materials – just as it is with solvents.

How you benefit from our solvent recycling services:

A major contribution towards closing loops, protecting resources and cutting carbon emissions

Straightforward and reliable solvent collection and delivery services using our own vehicles and staff

High distillate qualities thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies and processes

Complete transparency and reliable waste management services

Comprehensive advice given by our trained and qualified experts

Guaranteed compliance with all environmental and safety regulations

The quality of the waste and products is maintained by our own lab’s quality assurance system

It’s all about the right advice

Our advisers are experts in practically all types of solvent used on the market. Which is why we are able to discuss with our clients what qualities can be expected and make recommendations on how best to use the distillate.

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Distillation processes: recovering raw materials

We use cutting-edge distillation facilities and high performance technology here at RESOLVE to recycle solvents. Our primary goal is to process and recycle a whole range of solvents found on the market so that they can be reused. Not a single drop should be lost.

Depending on the category of solvent, we use either atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation or rectification to recover the raw materials so that we can then turn them into high quality recycled solvents.

Atmospheric distillation

We bring the input liquid mixture to its boiling point by adding heat – a process that produces a vapour. We then recapture the volatile components in the vapour by cooling the vapour down and liquefying it in a condenser.

Vacuum distillation

We reduce the pressure and create a vacuum to lower the boiling point of the substances that are to be separated. This is a particularly gentle way to separate used solvents into recycled raw materials and recycled solvents. If necessary, we can also carry out additional treatment stages besides the distillation process – including filtering or extracting the respective mixtures.


We separate the liquid mixtures into their original components at our facility in Willstätt (a liquid-liquid separation process). We can use the rectifying column, for example, to separate acetone from water.

Hand in hand with industry

Customers using our solvent recycling and processing services come from a whole range of sectors, including the:

  • automobile industry
  • chemicals industry
  • paint, printing & coating industries
  • pharmaceutical & food industries

Logistics from one and the same company

By running our own facilities in Braunschweig, Willstätt and Erfurt and being able to use the REMONDIS Group’s other locations, we are in an ideal position to serve our customers. Our qualified staff are able to collect and deliver all of the used solvents and recycled solvents needed. If required, we can help out our customers by providing a vacuum vehicle. This enables the contaminated and polluted solvents to be loaded onto a tanker so that they can be sent straight to Braunschweig or Willstätt to be processed and recycled. What’s more, we can offer our customers the option of transporting their solvents by rail thanks to our tank wagon connection.

Resource efficiency: the five steps of waste hierarchy

We help to close material life cycles by successfully recovering and recycling solvents. These recycled raw materials are then returned to market so that they can be used as a substitute for virgin raw materials. By doing so, we conserve natural resources, play a key role in protecting the environment and help to massively reduce carbon emissions.

By offering our services, we are able to help customers who wish to follow the five steps of waste hierarchy and must comply with the rules set out in the German Circular Economy Law [KrWG]. These five steps are the same across the whole of the European Union. Top priority is given to preventing waste in the first place. We are able to give you the best advice here thanks to our extensive experience and our knowledge of raw materials. The second stage is preparing products so that they can be reused. The task here is to separate materials from each other so that they can be returned to market. Recycling is of key importance and our goal here is to find ways to ensure the very most is made of all raw materials so that they can be reused. Any substance at our company that cannot be recycled for reuse is processed in the 4th stage. We always use the REMONDIS Group’s comprehensive experience of a variety of fields to the best advantage here. Disposal is at the very bottom of the waste hierarchy. This is the stage that we always try to avoid wherever possible.

Find out more about our approach, the five steps of waste hierarchy and how we can help you to further grow resource efficiency at your business: Simply get in touch

Protecting the environment: recycling for reuse

One thing is very important to us: recovering materials from waste and recycling them so that they can be reused paves the way for resource-friendly production processes. Which is why the legislator has clearly indicated that recycling for reuse should be the primary goal. Being a recycling company, we are happy to take on this challenge. By deploying innovative technologies and continuously optimising our processes, we have developed a solvent recycling offering that complies with all rules and regulations and benefits the environment as well.

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The importance of recycled raw materials

Recycled raw materials are the future. Industrial nations already have a very high level of demand for raw materials and this demand is growing all the time. If all of the countries around the world consumed as many raw materials as Germany currently does, then we would need almost two planet Earths to secure supplies. What’s more, there are socio-ethical arguments to using recycled raw materials besides the economic and environmental ones. Especially when the subject of recycled raw materials is considered on a large scale and from a global perspective.

Find out more about sustainability at our business

The quality of our recycled solvent products is comparable to that of brand new products. While virgin raw materials are extracted from nature, our recycled raw materials are recovered from used substances. At REMONDIS, we are constantly working on further perfecting the way we process these raw materials and on ensuring that the very most is made of practically all used materials. Different raw materials, however, also require different – and often very complex – treatment processes.

Our other services

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Professional collection & treatment of used solvents


Solvent sales

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Recycled solvents

Batch-specific distillation to produce high quality recycled solvents


Solvent & contract filling services

Blending & filling customer-specific solvents


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