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Locations REMONDIS Medison

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Solvent & contract filling services

If you wish, we can design a product just for you

Individual customer requirements: we’re fine with each and every solvent

One of RESOLVE’s business divisions is dedicated to filling and packaging solvents. This involves us developing bespoke products to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Moreover, customers can also opt to have these products distributed under their own name or as a white label.

We offer every service required to do this – from filling small volumes of new or recycled products for specialist traders all the way through to large batches for industrial businesses. If you wish, we can take over all the logistics tasks as well.

Size is of little relevance when it comes to our solvent and contract filling services. We can deliver our products in bulk in a tanker or in small containers – from a 250ml tin or bottle through to a 1,000l IBC.

How you benefit from our solvent & contract filling services:

Production of your own brand in line with your exact requirements

Large and small volumes possible

All services from just one company – from the raw materials to the transport

Filling, labelling in your own design or as a white label and delivery if required

o what’s the difference between solvent filling and contract filling?

Our solvent filling business involves us buying in the raw materials, filling and labelling the products and delivering them to wholesalers/retailers. In contrast, when it comes to contract filling, our customers deliver the raw materials and we fill these into tins and/or containers in accordance with their specifications. If requested, we can also label and deliver the finished products.

We’re more than happy to discuss what this means for your business and what the best solution is for you.

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Our other services

Solvent recovery

Professional collection & treatment of used solvents


Solvent recycling & contract distillation

Recycling contaminated solvents for reuse


Solvent sales

Our own top quality solvent blends


Recycled solvents

Batch-specific distillation to produce high quality recycled solvents


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