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Locations REMONDIS Medison

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Solvent recovery

Wasting materials? Not on our watch!

The carefree way to manage waste

Being a certified waste management business, our RESOLVE division recycles used solvents for the trade, commercial and industrial sectors and ensures any non-recyclable waste is disposed of in a professional and responsible way. Our ISO 9001 and EfB [specialist waste management business] accreditations round off our quality management system.

We unite top quality technology with reliable waste management to provide our customers with the best possible service. Each and every service we provide enables natural resources to be handled sustainably – so that we, too, are helping to curb climate change and protect the environment.

How you benefit from our solvent recovery services:

Short transport routes in Germany thanks to our facilities in Braunschweig, Willstätt and Erfurt

Dedicated customer service and support regarding statutory obligations and the disposal/recycling of solvents

Guaranteed compliance with all environmental and safety regulations

Additional waste management options via the REMONDIS Group

Collection and transport of the solvents using our own vehicles and professionally trained staff

The different ways to recover solvents

The choice is yours when you work with us: we can take your used solvents, process them into a distillate and then return them to you (toll recovery). Alternatively, we can transform your used solvents into a distillate that we then market ourselves. Our DESTILLAN product line truly is “made in Germany”. Any non-recyclable residue is disposed of in line with all rules and regulations via external service providers – also REMONDIS Group facilities.

Sustainability is our mission! Which is why it is our primary goal to make sure that all old solvents we accept are recycled for reuse and/or distilled. Any waste materials that can’t be recycled are sent for thermal treatment. Using this residue to generate energy means we are not only working in an extremely environmentally conscious manner but also complying with all environmental and safety regulations. RESOLVE documents each and every stage of its work so that we can provide information, whenever it’s needed, about the route a waste took – right from the moment it was collected.

Tasking us to manage and recycle your solvents

Would you like us to recycle or dispose of your solvents? No problem! All you need to do is to provide us with a representative sample of your old solvents and our experts will examine it to see whether they can be recycled or not. Our trained staff are there to assist you if you have a question about the sample material or which type of container to use and can help you find the best waste management solution for your materials.

What’s most important for a company is to find the right partner. Make the most of our industry experience! Our expert advisers can be reached at +49 531 210310

Analysing materials in our own laboratory

We use a series of analytical methods at our state-of-the-art laboratory to determine the quality and composition of your representative sample. These findings form the basis for your bespoke offer – no matter whether we take the materials as a waste product or as a (by-)product. You always benefit here from the high quality of our work and our technology.

Analytical processes & methods

We use Karl Fischer Titration to measure the water content of all solvents. At the same time, an in-house method is used to help us determine the dry residue at temperatures of up to 200°C. Moreover, we deploy head-space analysis and gas chromatographs to ascertain the concentration and type of volatile substances and hydrometers to measure density. Trial distillation processes are carried out to see what output can be expected.

Collection & safe transport

As soon as you commission us to recover your solvents, your materials are collected from your business in line with the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). As we use our own vehicles and our own well-trained staff, we are able to respond flexibly to our customers’ requests.

Have you got a question about how to manage and/or recycle solvents? Then simply get in touch with us!

Delivery by road & rail

If required, we can provide our customers with a vacuum vehicle so that the contaminated and polluted solvents can be transported straight to Braunschweig or Willstätt in a tanker. Our tank wagon connection also allows us to offer our customers the option of transporting their solvents by rail. This truly is a USP as no other solvent distiller in Germany is able to provide this form of delivery.

Our other services

Solvent recycling & contract distillation

Recycling contaminated solvents for reuse


Solvent sales

Our own top quality solvent blendst


Recycled solvents

Batch-specific distillation to produce high quality recycled solvents


Solvent & contract filling services

Blending & filling customer-specific solvents


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