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Recycled solvents

We turn your goods into the best

The highest levels of quality and batch purity

Purity is key when it comes to chemicals. Here at RESOLVE, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the distillate and recycled solvent substances produced by our recycling processes are of the highest quality.

From collecting the used solvents from our customers to returning their recycled products to them – we offer the full range of services needed to do this and keep a very close eye on each and every step of the process. Our goal is clear: to guarantee batch purity from collection through to the final product.

How you benefit from RESOLVE’s recycled solvents:

Collection and transport using our own vehicles and qualified staff

Batch-by-batch distillation to produce high quality recycled products

Analyses performed in a well-equipped laboratory

Option to further enhance product quality e.g. by adding new materials

Guaranteed disposal of non-recyclable waste materials

Comprehensive advice from our well-trained specialists with years of industry experience

Chemistry and nature: a great fit

Anyone commissioning RESOLVE to handle their used solvents can be closely involved in the whole of the process if they wish. A sales employee can take a sample with them after visiting your business. Alternatively, you can send us your sample by post. Your used solvents are then analysed in our own laboratory. Once this has been completed, we discuss which specifications you wish to have and organise the transport (collection and delivery).

We process the used solvents batch by batch in our distillation plant to transform them into a high quality recycled product. Any distillation residue that may be left over is sent for further treatment in line with all rules and regulations. The recycled solvent is then returned to the customer – a service that also includes a comprehensive analysis. Customers can also opt to have other recycled materials added to further enhance the quality of their recovered product and to have the volumes topped up to make up for any materials lost during the recycling process.

It’s all about the right advice

Our advisers are there to answer any questions you may have about our processes. How can we help?

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Distillation batch by batch

We use distillation processes at RESOLVE to recover and process waste solvents. The distillation unit is filled with the used solvents and heated up until the contents are brought to boiling point. The more volatile solvents evaporate and are then turned back into a liquid using condensing and cooling equipment. Our facility in Braunschweig has been designed to treat solvents containing solid materials with its batch distillation set-up; our Willstätt plant focuses on liquid-liquid separation using columns. Any residue is stored in a residue tank before being sent on for further treatment or disposal.

Making good things even better: further refining recovered products

We treat contaminated solvents and transform the recovered substances into high quality recycled products. We are, however, more than happy to go a step further. If our customers wish to reuse their recovered products again and again, then adding technical grade substances may be an option here to further enhance the quality. The composition of the solvent in the distillate shifts each time it is distilled. This leads to fluctuations in quality – something that we can regulate by adding technical grade substances to meet specific specifications. By doing so, we can guarantee that the product is always of the same consistent quality.

Our other services

Solvent recovery

Professional collection & treatment of used solvents


Solvent sales

Our own top quality solvent blends


Solvent recycling & contract distillation

Recycling contaminated solvents for reuse


Solvent & contract filling services

Blending & filling customer-specific solvents


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